Rampant Pedophilia

Rampant Pedophilia and Their Fronts.
This will be a growing and collective of research. I have researched so called “child abuse” and pedophilia for 30 years, ever since I discovered a girl I loved was serially abused. God has put me on a mission.

You will have to paste the links in a new browser, since they wont link from the blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Pedophilia Fronts –


Local Pedophiles –

High School Principal’s Arrest Stuns Upstate Town – Washingtonville – http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2010/10/19/high-school-principals-arrest-stuns-upstate-n-y-town/

After five years, student tells his story – Local pedophiles in public school – Middletown http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1572358/posts

Republican Pedophiles – http://911review.org/Alex/Republican_Pedophiles.html

Democrat Pedophiles – http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/1980959/posts

Mark Zuckerberg NAMBLA pedophile ?


These .pdfs were included are extremely disturbing, the reason why they are included, is they NAME NAMES. And when somebody names names, I listen. You know why ? BECAUSE ADULTS DO NOT LISTEN TO CHILDREN WHO SAY THEY HAVE BEEN ABUSED.

“Conspiracy of Silence” is the most verifiable and echos Brice Taylors, Cathy O’Briens and others testimony. Senator John Van DeCamp and FBI agent Ted Gunderson

“Conspiracy of Silence” – Banned from TV – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edK2h5_1b3g

“The Franklin Cover Up’ –


“The Franklin Cover Up” by Senator John Van DeCamp – homosexual pedophile prostitution ring – running up to the White House –

More MK Ultra – “Trance-formation of America” by Cathy O Brien – http://torrentchannel.com/Cathy_OBrien__Mark_Philips_-_Trance_Formation_of_America_MKULTRA_-_1995.pdf

MK Ultra Mind Controlled Sex Slaves – “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor http://www.conspiracyresearch.org/forums/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=179

“The Disney Deception” by top researcher Fritz Springmeier – http://www.forgenerations.net/documents/waltdisneydeception-frits.pdf

Your Most Honorable, we have a pedophile problem in this country that is out of control. Warren Buffett is a NAMBLA pedophile. Mr Rogers was a pedophile. Walt Disney was a pedophile, to say the least. As there many more in Hollywood masquerading as “family entertainment”, they hide right in front or our faces in our most hallowed institutions, like the Girls Scouts/Boy Scouts.


Girl Scouts also pedophile front – http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=14612


The Girl Scouts in conjunction with Planned Parenthood, put this .pdf out – http://www.positivewomen.co.nz/pdf/Happy%20Healthy%20Hot.pdf

My daughters would NEVER be allowed to go to Girl Scouts. They are too young and this information is WAY off base and far too “liberal” and of mature content, to say the least for me. But also I would never send my children to public school. Our most trusted leaders could very well be pedophiles in private and you may not even know it.
They are priests/ministers/rabbis/pastors. In all 3 major religions and their denominations. They are your favorite Hollywood stars, actor/actresses/musicians performers

One pervert was arrested driving around naked in a van, the chief of police let him go because he was a cop. If it was me ? I would have been arrested. Another pervert was exposing himself to young girls, just the other day. Another man 2 years ago, pulled a gun on a group of young girls and said, ” You are lucky I dont feel like killing you today” This was all in 1 town, nearby.
Mam, I have been a research investigator on the subject of serial/ritual/sexual/satanic abuse for over 30 years, ever since I found out a young girl I loved, was “sexually abused” (raped) growing up. There is one over riding constant in pedophilia, and that is IF the child speaks up, no one listens to them. Or they dont speak because of shame or they have been blackmailed with the threat of harm to them, family or pets. Then they hold it in.
Im here for the children, are you ?


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